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5 Powerful Morning Prayers

There’s never a wrong time to talk to God. But when you start your morning with him, you’re handing over the rest of your day to him too—putting God in the driver’s seat for the day. You can talk through your plans, listen to his wisdom, and hand over your worries to him. With God’s hands guiding you, you’ll enter each day with his grace and mercy, ready for whatever the day brings. Add one of these daily morning prayers from Abide to your routine this week and watch God work in your life. Here are 5 powerful morning prayers to start your day off right.

Prayer for a New Day

Dear Lord, This morning as I contemplate a new day, I ask you to help me. I want to be aware of your spirit—leading me in the decisions I take, the conversations I have, and the work I do. I want to be more like you, Jesus, as I relate to the people I meet today—friends or strangers. Jesus, you were always about your father’s business and I thank you that he is now my father too because of what you did on this earth. Although I know that I am weak, I also know that by the power of your spirit, I can be strong in the work I do, the decisions I make, and the words I speak. I thank you that you promise to be with me always, and for being the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen. Click play to listen to this 3-minute morning prayer with Kate Stanwick.

Prayer on a Beautiful Morning

Our Father in heaven, how we love you; how you love us. A new day unfolds, and we desire that it is infused with our worship of you. As we turn our eyes on the beauty of you, our spirits lift and find peace. Please pour out your Spirit upon us today, so we can worship in fresh ways. We humbly ask for a deeper relationship with you, so we can have a heightened awareness of God’s presence in us. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen. Click to play this 3-minute morning prayer with Kate Stanwick.

Prayer for Guidance

Dear God, everywhere I walk, let it be on your path. Everything I see, let it be through your eyes. Everything I do, let it be your will. For every hardship I face, let me place it in your hands. Every emotion I feel, let it be your spirit moving in me. Everything I seek, let me find it in your love. My dear God, I thank you for this day. I will not ask where I am going. But only to know and feel in the depths of my heart and soul that you are with me. You are guiding me, and I am safe. In Jesus’ name, I offer myself to you. Amen. Click to play this 1-minute prayer with Morgan Wood.

Prayer for Fulfillment

Jesus, you say that you came to bring us life, and life to the full. Through your death and resurrection, you brought hope to life. You gave us access to heaven and the limitless goodness and wisdom of the Father. Give me the desire today to seek you and teach me to value you above anything else. In your name I pray, Amen. listen to this 3-minute meditation with Abide narrator Tyler Boss.

Prayer for Living in the Now

God, I want to let go of all that lies behind me. I want to let go of the sins that have entangled me—the bad habits I can’t break—and the fears and anxieties that keep chasing me. I’m ready for a fresh start. I believe that you are making all things new and that you have prepared for me glory beyond what I can imagine. Help me to live into that glory even now. Please, help me to live in the light of your Son, Jesus, in whose name I pray: Amen. Click play to listen to this 3-minute meditation with Abide narrator Bonnie Curry.

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