Black and white image of a woman asleep in her bed after listening to sleep meditations that actually work.

6 Sleep Meditations That Actually Work

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to fall asleep. You’re exhausted, and all you want to do is shut your eyes and drift off to sleep. Instead you’re just lying there—staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, or mind racing for hours. We’ve been there and that’s why Abide has created these guided sleep meditations that really work. Listen to these nighttime prayers before bed and fall asleep naturally to the comforting words of Scripture.

1. At the End of the Day

This bedtime prayer reminds us that God’s favor rests on us all the days of our life. As you take a few deep breaths, invite God’s presence in and exhale the events of your day. Let your thoughts drift further and further away from you, as you listen to the words of Psalm 90:12, and remember that all of your days are in God’s hands. Throughout this guided sleep meditation, let Abide walk you through various relaxation techniques designed to help you drift off to sleep in the loving arms of the Holy Spirit.

2. God’s Hands

God’s hands are tender, fulfilling, and sometimes—a place of loving intervention. As you listen to this soothing bedtime story, take a few deep breaths, filling yourself with the love of the Holy Spirit with each inhale. God knows that you’ve had a long day, and he longs for you to have deep rest. Let go of your to-do list and watch your tensions drift away with every exhale, as you’re reminded that in God’s hands you’re safe, quiet, and warm. Click play below to begin this Abide Bible Sleep Meditation, paying attention to how much God loves you, and letting all other expectations melt away, as you give it over to him.

3. Midnight Prayer

This bedtime prayer, originally featured on Abide’s Tiktok, is a fast-acting prayer designed to help you unwind before bed. As you follow along, listen to the comforting words of Jesus, feel your body relax, and fall asleep in peace.

4. Rest in Grace

If you’re struggling with insomnia tonight, meditate with Abide to the very best news of all: the gospel, the good news that Jesus saved you from sin and death. With these words, you can rest easy for all eternity. As you listen to this bedtime prayer, take a moment to really get comfortable—preparing your mind, body, and soul for rest, and knowing that God is with you. Click play below and let us pray over you—asking the Lord to minister to you, as you sleep, so that you may experience true rest and renewal.

5. God is So Good

Even when it seems like the world is anything but good, God’s kindness, generosity, and faithfulness is evident to all. Meditate with Abide tonight, inviting the Holy Spirit to fill the room, watching over you as you sleep. As your breathing calms and your eyelids start to get heavy, let God’s everlasting goodness envelop you like a soft blanket. Listen to the words of Psalm 34:8, and gently fall asleep to the good news and perfect peace of the Lord’s promise. If you would like more sleep meditations, be sure to subscribe to Abide’s Bible Sleep Meditation Podcast to access new content every week.

6. Bedtime Prayer to Ease a Worried Mind

End your day with this short, peaceful nighttime prayer, as you settle into the stillness of God’s love and protection. Listen closely and sense the nearness of God, as you relax into a deep sleep tonight. Feeling comforted by his protection and calmed by his peace, your mind will finally be free from the anxieties of everyday life—enabling you to rest easy in God’s promise. Click play to hear the word of God, let go of your day, and surrender to God’s peace, as you fall asleep.

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