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Get Active with Abide’s Athletes

In case you missed it, we launched Active at Abide this week on the Abide app. Join us for a new kind of total-body, meditation experience. Download the app now to get started. While listening to these meditations, we encourage you to get outside and get moving—whether it’s for a walk, mowing the lawn, or going on a bike ride.

We’re thrilled to partner with two great athletes to coach us through some of these spiritual ‘workouts’, Lolo Jones, three-time Olympian, and Grant Lottering, professional ultra-endurance cyclist. Both athletes are not only strong Christians, but also lean on meditation to find peace and stillness during intense training and competition seasons.

Get to Know the Athletes

Lolo Jones is one of just 10 Americans to compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympics—winning World Champion titles as both an Olympic hurdler and bobsledder. Her ride was not an easy one though. After tackling injuries, a serious surgery, rejection from the 2018 Olympic team, and then COVID delays, Lolo finally got another shot at the podium—nearly a decade since her last World Champion win. In 2021, Lolo won the World Championships for Bobsledding. “11 years since my last World champs medial. 11 years of hate,” Lolo recalls, “Ignore them all. Keep grinding.” 

Grant Lottering has a comeback story of his own too. From being declared dead in July 2013 to conquering the French Alps, Pyrenees, South Africa, and USA, Grant continues to astonish both the medical profession and audiences alike. Nearly a year and five surgeries after his near fatal cycling accident during a race in Italy, Grant returned to the course to finish the race—much to the surprise of the medical professionals who were adamant that he would never be able to cycle again. Today, Grant is a Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador and a motivational speaker, and his remarkable story of survival and overcoming has attracted much media attention world-wide.

We were so excited to sit down with Grant and ask him a few questions about his meditation practice, faith, and cycling career.

Does meditation play a role in your life and/or sports performance? 

[GL]: Absolutely, what I do for a living is certainly not easy and requires of me to be physically and mentally strong. I have found since my accident that I train better, do my extreme endurance tours better, and sleep/recover better when I am content, mentally focused and at peace. The only way I can maintain this is by meditating and spending time praying and reflecting.  

What about faith? 

[GL]: Without faith and the unwavering belief that I can and will succeed, I never will. Its because what I do and attempt each year on the bike given my physical condition since my accident, requires supernatural strength through my faith in God. Without faith, I cannot do what I do, especially also given that I literally reinvented my life 100% since 2013, and God is at the center of it.

What motivates you? 

[GL]: The fact that what I do at the moment, the speaking engagements and talks (including sharing my testimony), the annual Im’possible Tours I do, the money I raise for charity, it is all part of the process of getting to where I will fulfill God’s unchangeable purpose for my life. That keeps me motivated, humble and grounded.

Meditate with the Athletes

Steering Past Obstacles

In this active meditation, Grant welcomes you to join him for a cycling workout. If you have access to an outdoor bike or an indoor stationary bicycle, we encourage you to hop-on and hit play. No worries if you don’t have access to either, just head outside for a short walk or run. Be reminded that your body is a blessing from God. He loves you no matter what physical condition you’re in, and he can use you for his glory, no matter the circumstances. As you listen, you’ll hear more about how Grant’s journey was fueled by God. Click here to meditate with Grant in the Abide app.

Stretch Into Your Day

Wake up and stretch with Lolo Jones, as you think about how God stretches us in our faith too. He wants us to grow—becoming flexible and moldable in the Lord’s hands. While he may bend you, God will never break you. Lolo reminds us of the importance of stretching, not only in your physical body, but mentally and spiritually too. Join Lolo in a few active stretching and breathing exercises as you meditate together. Click here to listen now in app.

To find more meditations like these, download Abide now to access our complete library of 2,000+ faith-based meditations and Bible stories designed to help you experience total-body wellness.