A young woman stands contemplatively looking out over the mountains as she learns how to overcome anxious thoughts.

How to Overcome Anxious Thoughts

Anxious thoughts can easily become overwhelming—ruining your day, disrupting a good night’s sleep, and wrecking your mind. It’s frustrating and sometimes debilitating. These 7 prayers are designed to soothe your anxious thoughts. Turn your worries into peace, by putting your focus back on God. Renew your faith with these prayers for anxiety. Click play on the meditations below to experience the short versions of each.

*Note: Abide strongly encourages those with anxiety disorders to seek the help of a mental-health professional.

Overcoming Anxious Thoughts

Lord God,

You are strong and I am weak. My fears and anxieties threaten to overtake me. I ask you to take them from me. My cares, my worries, my anxieties, take them all.

Help me turn my “what if’s” to “even if’s,” knowing that no matter what happens, you are in control, and you love me beyond anything I can imagine. My life is yours, Lord, keep speaking the truth to me. It’s in the precious name of Jesus that I pray.


Now listen to the 4-minute version of this meditation with Abide narrator Tyler Boss.

God’s Love for Us

Dear loving God…

Inject the truth of this message into my mind, body, soul, and spirit. Jesus embodies both hate of my sin and a love of me. Let me find and show that same kind of love to those around me.

And I pray this prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving to you in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.


Now listen to the 3-minute version of this meditation with Abide narrator James Seawood.

Dealing with Doubt

Heavenly Father,

You know my heart. You know that it’s filled with all kinds of things—from gratitude and joy to questions and fears. I’m bringing all of it to you today, trusting that you accept me as I am and will continue to help me grow.

Help me to hear your voice even as I doubt. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Now listen to the 3-minute version of this meditation with mental health counselor Brittney Moses.

Lay it Down

Dear Lord God,

It is truly ridiculous how I call you the creator of the universe yet I still try to control everything. I try to make everything perfect. But only you are perfect. Everything is in your hands.

So help me stop trusting in myself as though I am God. It won’t be easy… so I ask this in your name and by your authority. Remove evil and leave only your peace in Christ in whose name I pray.


Now listen to the 3-minute version of this meditation with Abide narrator James Seawood.

When the Pressure is On


It’s never fun to face hardship. I’d rather sail through life with a nine-to-nothing lead. But that’s unrealistic. Your word says that I will have trials and tribulations. And so I want to handle them with perseverance, peace, and humility.

It’s not all on my shoulders, it’s on yours because you care so much for me. I am grateful. I praise you and thank you in Jesus’ name.


Now listen to the 2 1/2-minute version of this meditation with Abide narrator James Seawood.


Finding Contentment

Heavenly Father,

I know that you have given me everything that I need, and even more. But I confess that I still find myself craving the things of this world: wealth, independence, success on my own terms. Thank you for forgiving me.

Help me to live gratefully with dependence on you, trusting you for my needs rather than trusting in money to take care of me. I ask this in Jesus’ name.


Noe listen to this 2 1/2-minute version of the biblical meditation with Abide narrator Bonnie Curry.

Calm Your Mind Before Sleep

Dear faithful Father,

I thank you for your care for each one of us. As I sink into a deep sleep tonight, cover me in the assurance of your love and your presence. If I wake during the night, let your whispers of love cause me to drift quickly back to sleep. Remind me that you are always with me and that you will never leave me.

Let me be confident in my faith, no matter how small, because You are big. Even a mustard seed of faith can do great things because that faith is in you. Hold me closely in your arms tonight, Lord, for I am your precious child. It’s in your holy name that I pray.


Now experience a 2-minute snippet of this comforting bedtime story with Abide narrator James Seawood.

While we hope that these prayers help free your mind from anxious thoughts, we know that sometimes, our problems are too big for us to fight alone, and that’s okay. Seek out a professional, faith-based counselor in your area.

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