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A man sits on a split rail fence watching as the sun rises over the mountains in distance, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta finally learning how to slow down.

How to Slow Down and Find Lasting Contentment 

 The definition of contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction. I should be content. My life is full. I enjoy my online retail business. I achieved my dream of becoming a freelance writer. I’m blessed with amazing grandkids. My

A young woman who has learned to choose contentment wherever she is closes her eyes and breathes in deeply while outside in the sunshine in the woods.

How to Choose Contentment in a Busy World 

In our church small group for young couples, the leader asked a simple question, “Are you content?”  In that group of about twenty, each one said that yes, they were content.   Except the last person to answer: me. I bumbled

Rocks on a sandy shore know that contentment is a choice.

Contentment is a Choice: A Daily Meditation 

In the search for peace, could contentment be the elusive answer? It’s a common struggle to feel dissatisfied with what we have, always yearning for more or something better. The Apostle Paul gives the key to peace-bringing contentment by telling

A small boat on a mountain lake reminds us to stay anchored in joy.

Anchored in Joy: A Daily Meditation 

Reflecting on salvation and joy shows us that material possessions have little impact on our soul’s state and depth of contentment. A prophecy in Isaiah 12:3-4 reminds us of how to be anchored in joy: “With joy you will draw

Royalty-Free Stock Photo: Man praying and building a resilient faith at sunset.

6 Ways to Build a Resilient Faith  

Resilient faith is the unwavering trust in God that stays strong, even when facing adversity. It helps us navigate life’s challenges with hope and grace, knowing that His love and promises anchor us. Cultivating a resilient faith can give us

Royalty-Free Stock Photo: Woman praying and turning doubt into devotion at sunset.

5 Biblical Figures Who Turned Doubt into Devotion 

When doubt sneaks into our walk of faith, it challenges our beliefs and shakes our spiritual foundations. Yet, such moments of uncertainty can bring growth and transformation. Throughout the Bible, we encounter individuals who faced deep doubt but emerged with

Royalty-Free Stock Photo: Woman looking out a window and turning doubt into strength.

How to Faithfully Turn Doubt into Strength  

Doubt can be a big obstacle on our spiritual journey, often leaving us feeling disconnected and uncertain. It can creep into our hearts and minds, challenging our faith, resilience, and sense of purpose. Yet, within these moments of doubt lies

Royalty-free stock photo: A pensive woman experiences doubt; Getty Images

Faith Through the Fog: How Doubt Clarifies Belief 

Life can feel like navigating through a thick fog sometimes. The path ahead is unclear, and every step forward seems shrouded in uncertainty. During these times, doubt creeps in, casting shadows on our faith and leaving us questioning our beliefs.

Royalty-free stock image: A man experiencing doubt gazes pensively out a window; Getty Images

Redefining Faith: The Surprising Truth About Doubt 

Faith is often depicted as an unwavering belief, a rock-solid conviction that leaves no room for uncertainty. Yet, many of us have faced moments where doubt creeps in, causing us to question our beliefs and feel uncertain about our spiritual

A scene of pink sand and blue water remind us to find our source of contentment in God.

The Source of Contentment—A Daily Meditation 

Feeling true contentment often stems from slowing down and realizing that everything we need is already present. Knowing what your source of contentment is brings a sense of being in the right place at the right time, chosen to be

Hands held up to the sky in a shining sunset offer both faith and doubt to God.

You’re Not Alone: Navigating Faith and Doubt Together 

“Jon inherited your curiosity, didn’t he?” My uncle’s cheeky comment was in good fun as he bent low to answer my toddler’s barrage of questions about the reel on his fishing pole. Jon did, in fact, inherit my curiosity, and during

Royalty-free stock photo: A woman experiencing doubt gazes out a window

The Unspoken Journey: Harnessing Hope Through Doubt

In the quiet corners of our hearts, where our deepest fears often whisper, we find doubt. It’s a companion many hesitate to acknowledge, yet it plays a vital role in our spiritual journey. Doubt can feel like a shadow, subtly

Contemplative young Black man sitting on the stairs in the subway station thinking about the enemy of contentment.

The Enemy of Contentment: A Daily Meditation 

God wants His children to find contentment in Him, rather than being consumed by covetousness. Jesus spoke this truth when He warned a listening crowd: “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not

I man walking at sunrise on a brown hill of grass is finding contentment in God.

Finding Contentment: A Daily Meditation 

Money can deceive with false promises of security and happiness, leading to ruin instead of contentment. The apostle Paul’s wisdom to Timothy emphasizes this in 1 Timothy 6:6-10: “Of course, there is great gain in godliness combined with contentment,  for we

A setting sun through rock formations on the beach remind us to hold on to hope.

Hold on to Hope: A Daily Meditation 

Have you ever felt abandoned and forgotten by God?  You aren’t alone. You have quite a lot in common with the early Israelites! Around 700 BC the prophet Isaiah was speaking to the Israelites in captivity. They probably believed in

The sun setting over a golden meadow brings images of Jesus coming on that day in the future.

And On that Day: A Daily Meditation 

Have you ever found yourself in a place where darkness seems to engulf every glimmer of hope? It’s in these moments that turning our eyes toward God’s promises can illuminate the path ahead with an unwavering light. The Scripture, particularly