Why Meditate?

Blessed is the one… who meditates on God’s law day and night. That person is like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season, whose leaf does not wither. Whatever they do prospers (Psalm 1).

Rediscover the peace of Christ

Christian meditation is a practice from the Bible that has been refined for thousands of years. It connects and empowers our minds and hearts in Jesus. It helps us live with the peace and purpose of Christ.

Improve mental and physical health

We believe that the health benefits associated with Christian meditation are outcomes of practicing a biblical lifestyle. Health benefits reported by Abide users include less stress, lower depression and better sleep. Discover health benefits reported by Abide users.

Find peace with Abide

At Abide, we are committed to developing and sharing the most helpful methods of guiding online Christian meditation. We want to be faithful to create biblical meditations with features that encourage regular, relevant and transforming connection with Jesus. We also want to understand and share the evidence of life change from this practice, whether the type of impact is spiritual, emotional, relational or even unexpected. Abide’s research has been funded by grants from the Maclellan Foundation and Impact Foundation as well as support from the Abide user community.


  1. Christian meditation linked to lower stress, depression and insomnia (Abide survey results)
  2. Christian meditation has demonstrable scientific reasons experience decreased anxiety and decreased depression. (citation)
  3. Christian and religious meditation are as beneficial or better for mental health than mindfulness meditation (citation)
  4. People who adhere more strongly to their religious practices experience more benefits (citation)
  5. “I’ve been using the app most for sleep. There are lots of different topics I love–freedom from depression. Singleness: A Woman’s Guide. C’mon y’all! That is good stuff, check that out!” – Mandisa, Grammy Award winning artist & American idol finalist