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5 Uplifting Movies for Your Spiritual Journey

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In today’s fast-paced world, technology keeps us connected yet distant from our spiritual well-being. Our choices in the narratives we engage with, be it movies, TV shows, or documentaries, have a significant impact on our spiritual journey. With countless options available, it’s crucial to pick content that resonates with our spiritual beliefs. Here, we explore the power of faith-based, uplifting movies and provide a list of five inspiring titles.

1. Southern Gospel: A Tale of Redemption

Samuel Allen, a 1960s rockstar, finds himself in jail due to anger fueled by resentment toward organized religion. However, a divine intervention offers him a second chance to become a preacher and mend his broken past. Southern Gospel is a story of redemption, as Samuel relentlessly pursues his dreams and learns the gospel message along the way. In fact, actor Max Ehrich, who plays Samuel in the film, was so moved by the story that he decided to get baptized himself on set while filming the movie.

What viewers say: “Thank you for having Southern Gospel! …It needs to be seen by as many people as possible. God bless!” and “Just finished watching this movie! Powerful.”

2. God Bless The Broken Road: A Story of Faith and Choices

This 2018 drama follows the journey of a young widow named Amber who grapples with her faith after her husband’s death in Afghanistan. As she struggles to find meaning in it all, she finds support and community in unexpected places. She forms bonds with her daughter, her friends, and a local minister, who offer her guidance and companionship on her journey toward healing and rediscovering her faith. This gripping movie is about finding hope and faith in the midst of adversity, and ultimately rediscovering a connection to God.

What viewers say: “Awesome movie! Have tissues handy!”

3. The Redemption Of Henry Myers: A Story of Second Chances

This Christian Western film tells the redemption story of a notorious outlaw, Henry Myers, whose life takes a dramatic turn when he is wounded during a bank robbery and he seeks refuge in the home of a kind-hearted widow named Marilyn. Through the kindness, compassion, and faith of Marilyn and her children, Henry starts to question his criminal past and the choices he’s made. As Henry grapples with his past and strives to become a better person, the movie highlights his journey from a hardened criminal to someone seeking spiritual and moral renewal, reminding us that no one is beyond redemption.

What viewers say: “This is a great movie!”

4. Love Comes Softly: A Heartwarming Frontier Story

Based on the inspirational novel of the same name, Love Comes Softly tells the story of Marty whose spiritual journey begins with the loss of her husband. This loss forces her to confront grief and begin to question her faith and purpose in life. Along the way, Marty becomes an integral part of the community where she lives, interacting with other characters who share her faith and values, providing her with a sense of fellowship and support. This movie illustrates the importance of finding meaning, purpose, and a deeper faith in the midst of life’s challenges and uncertainties.  

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5. 23 Blast: Blind Faith 

Travis Freeman’s life takes an unexpected turn when he loses his sight overnight due to a devastating infection. Despite this, he continues to excel on the football field, showcasing unwavering courage and determination. Ultimately, Travis’ spiritual journey in 23 Blast: Blind Faith is one of personal growth, resilience, and a deepening connection to his faith. His story serves as an inspirational example of how faith and determination can help individuals overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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