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Friends hike together on a mountain path overlooking a valley filled with clouds as they find comfort in community.

Comfort in Community: A Daily Meditation 

As humans, we were created to live in community with others. We were not meant to journey through life alone. In times of joy and triumph, having someone to share it with makes it all the more special. And in

A woman with her eyes closed turns off her mind and holds a cup of coffee

How to Turn Off Your Mind and Rest in the Lord 

After a busy day of work and errands, there’s nothing I love more than the moment my head hits my pillow. The day is done, and I can finally rest. But sometimes, my mind has a different idea. Even though

A mist over a mountain lake illustrates what it feels like to cool down anger.

Cool Down Anger: A Daily Meditation 

The writer of Proverbs wrote some wise words about how to cool down anger. in Proverbs 29:8, says: “Scoffers set a city aflame, but the wise turn away wrath.” Proverbs 29:8, English Standard Version We always have a choice whether

Birds fly during a pink and blue sunset as they leave bitterness behind.

Leave Bitterness, Grow Bonds of Peace: A Daily Meditation 

Consider the trustworthy people in your life—those you can confide in without fear of judgment, even when sharing your deepest secrets. The Apostle Paul in Ephesians describes the essence of a trustworthy person. These individuals show humility, gentleness, and patience,

Why You Need to Wind Down Before Bed 

“Bad night?” my husband asked as I rolled over with a groan. My blurry eyes and an epic case of bed hair served as a silent testament to my night of tossing and turning. As I considered his question, I

A woman sleeps in a hammock under palm trees on the beach at sunset as she has learned the secret of stree-relief sleep.

Stress-relief Sleep for Restful Nights 

Whether or not I notice it throughout the day, it’s nighttime when I’m sure to find out if I’m stressed or overwhelmed about something going on in my life, or the lives of my loved ones. When I lie down,

A young Asian woman sits on a couch with her hands behind her head and a smile on her face as she discovered the spiritual weapon of good sleep.

Sleep: The Spiritual Weapon for a Good Life 

Did you know sleep is a spiritual weapon? It is! Let me tell you a story and then share a few insights from the Bible.  My husband, Eric, has a very demanding job. He is the co-owner of a small

A orange-hued mountain scene reminds us to leave anger to God.

Leave Anger to God: A Daily Meditation 

Have you ever felt the urge to get back at someone for wronging you? The drive for revenge can be intense, but it’s dangerous. This impulse can cloud our judgment, dominate our thoughts, and fill us with bitterness. Leviticus 19:18

A silhouetted young man stands before a sunset knowing he needs to return to God.

Return to God’s Loving Arms: A Daily Meditation 

Have you ever felt you’ve strayed too far from God’s embrace? In moments of doubt, it’s natural to question whether our missteps have distanced us irrevocably from His love. Yet, the truth is, we can always return to God, for

Two people sit overlooking the ocean at sunset practicing healthy conflict resolution.

Healthy Conflict Resolution: A Daily Meditation 

Frequently, a mere question or casual conversation can escalate into a heated conflict. Feeling misunderstood, having your motives questioned, or strongly advocating for an issue, can all lead to resorting to harsh language. Yet, using harsh words tends to put

A woman and man sit on a mountain ledge together as they show kindness to one another.

Kindness: A Daily Meditation 

Being kind goes beyond mere friendliness and politeness. The Apostle Paul witnessed the true essence of kindness when he was shipwrecked on the island of Malta.   Acts 28:2 says,   “The native people showed us unusual kindness, for they

Verdant green hills remind us to experience God's peace over panic.

God’s Peace Over Panic: A Daily Meditation 

The world is a mess and Satan is trying to take us all to a place of worry and fear, but God wants to offer us confidence and peace. He wants us to experience His peace over panic. Isaiah 26:3-4 says:

Mother and daughter say their bedtime prayers at their bed

15 Bedtime Prayers to Bring You Lasting Peace  

Do you struggle to find a sense of peace before drifting off to sleep? Whether you are an exhausted parent, a person struggling with insomnia, or a shift worker trying to sleep during unusual hours, all of us need stillness