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I man stands facing a roaring waterfall thankful that he told God "I want to see again."

I Want to See Again!: A Daily Meditation 

Do you want to see Jesus?  Bartimaeus was a blind beggar sitting on the road outside Jericho. As Jesus and His disciples passed by, he cried out for help. The people around him tried to quiet him, but he only

5 friends in silhouette walk on the beach toward the sunset showing the beauty of worshipping together.

Worshipping Together 

Like sheep in the care of a shepherd, we thrive best when we surrender control and rest in God’s gentle care. When we recognize Christ as Sovereign King, we unite in worship, seeing fellow believers as brothers and sisters in

A field full of green growing plants beg the question, "What kind of crop?"

What Kind of Crop?: A Daily Meditation 

As believers in Jesus Christ, we aim to be good stewards of the time, talents, and treasures He has entrusted to us. Our goal is to be fruitful, so that when we meet the Lord, we will hear, “Well done,

A field of corn growing exemplifies cultivating a life of faith.

How to Cultivate a Life of Faith 

After more than four decades of following Jesus, I am still learning how to cultivate a life of faith. But there are certain habits that I’ve developed over these many years that help me stave off doubt and trust that

Summer garden full of colourful flowers and flying butterflies shows us how to flourish.

How to Flourish: Abiding in the Living Vine 

I have a confession. Even though I’m a chaplain, sometimes my spiritual life seems fruitless. I let worry or anxiety deprive me of joy and sleep, I neglect quality time meditating on God’s Word, and I cling to grievances that

Roots grow deeply into the soil as this tree experiences a root awakening.

A Root Awakening: A Daily Meditation 

Where does your daily strength come from? Do you seek the “living water” of Christ, or fleeting joys of the world? God desires us to have a “root awakening,” to be deeply rooted in Him, like a towering tree drawing

An orange hangs from a tree demonstrating bearing upward fruit.

Bearing Upward Fruit: A Daily Meditation 

God’s salvation isn’t a one-time event; it’s a transformative journey. We see this in Isaiah, where God promises protection for Judah. He doesn’t just rescue them; He promises they’ll “put roots down” and “grow up and flourish”  “And you who

A tree benefits from being grafted in to a tree with strong roots.

Grafted In: A Daily Meditation 

Master gardeners understand the benefits of grafting. By taking a branch from a tangerine tree and grafting it onto an orange tree, they create a fruit salad tree capable of producing multiple citrus fruits. This process enhances the tree’s productivity

Two hands hold dirt as God asks you about your soil.

How Rich is Your Soil?: A Daily Meditation  

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus illustrates how different people receive the gospel message and the outcomes it produces. He’s basically asking, “How rich is the soil of your heart?” He begins with a vivid image:   “A farmer

Royalty-free stock image: A diverse church congregation; Getty Image

Celebrating Diversity in Our Spiritual Family 

Imagine a vibrant tapestry woven from threads of countless colors and textures. Each strand, unique in its shade and feel, contributes to the overall beauty and strength of the artwork. The church, at its core, is a similar masterpiece—a unified

Royalty-free stock image: Members of a church family pray together

Church Family Life: The Beauty and the Complexity 

The church is more than a building or a Sunday service. It’s a community, a family bound by faith in Jesus Christ. Church family life offers a unique kind of love, support, and fellowship, but like any family, it can

Two pairs of hands cup a small wooden house shared church where we can show love in action.

Love in Action: Being There for Your Faith Family

I have a good friend who lives far away. Two years ago her husband had a hard landing during a paragliding trip and broke his back. While he was recovering—and he seemed to be doing well—he suffered a massive heart

Royalty-free text image: Praying with others in a Christian community; Getty Images

Harmony and Discord: Living in Christian Community 

The call to Christian community is woven throughout the New Testament. From the early church gatherings in Acts to Paul’s exhortations in his letters, we see a clear emphasis on the importance of believers living life together. The writer of

A lovely purple flowers shows how you can bloom when you're rooted in faith.

Bloom Where You are Planted: A Daily Meditation 

You can bloom wherever God plants you, if you plant your roots firmly in God. Being rooted in faith allows all the nutrients God has for you in His Word and through His Spirit to flow.  In Psalm 92:12-14, the