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Royalty-Free Stock Photo: Silhouette of a man climbing a mountain and overcoming spiritual hurdles.

How Doubt Helps You Overcome Spiritual Hurdles 

Doubt is a natural part of the spiritual journey. Far from being a sign of weak faith, it can be a catalyst for deeper understanding and a stronger connection with God. Doubt can play a pivotal role in helping you

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Finding Faith Through the Game of Baseball 

Baseball. For many, it’s more than just a sport. It’s a symphony of the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and the satisfying snap of a leather glove. But beneath the surface, baseball offers a surprising wellspring

A bat, ball and glove sitting on a wooden bench beside a baseball diamond illustrate what it feels like to be benched.

Benched: A Daily Meditation 

Have you ever experienced a sense of being benched in life, like an athlete sidelined by their coach? This analogy extends to our spiritual journey as well. In Galatians 5:7-8, the Apostle Paul wrote to a group of Christians who

A man stands on a rocky outcropping looking out over the Blue Ridge Mountains where he answers the question, "What is contentment?"

What is Contentment and How Do I Find It? 

Retirement is approaching for my husband. He dreams of heading back to the mountains of western North Carolina where he grew up. The Blue Ridge Parkway makes him happy. The problem is, we live in Orlando, Florida, with its flat

base all players on a field at sunset understand what it feels like to be in pressure situations.

When the Pressure is On: A Daily Meditation 

In times of pressure, it’s always good to know that all your practice has made a difference in how you handle it. James, an early church leader, understood persecution and adversity firsthand, emphasizing the importance of staying strong through trials

A woman sleeps peacefully in her bed as she as learned the secret of unlocking serenity.

Unlocking Serenity and Sleep with God’s Help 

I waited anxiously in the doctor’s office, reading health articles on my phone, hoping my name would be called next. Thirty minutes later, I was face to face with my doctor, ready for answers. I was ready for him to

A baseball pitcher stands on a mound ready to be a game changer.

God is a Game Changer: A Daily Meditation 

In 2020, Major League Baseball player Randy Arozarena propelled the Tampa Bay Rays to victory with incredible success. His performance that season demonstrates how one person can be a game changer.  In Isaiah 43:19, God tells us that He is

A man squats on a cliff edge at sunset as he gets his game on for God.

Game On: A Daily Meditation 

In the pursuit of following Jesus, remember that you are never alone. The book of Hebrews narrates the stories of faithful individuals like Noah, Abraham, and Joseph who relentlessly pursued God. They realized when it came down to it, it

A woman stands in silhouette at the mouth of a large cave as she loos out at a purple and pink sunrise giving thanks to her faithful God.

Faithful God: A Daily Meditation 

Sometimes, waiting on God can be challenging. We pour out our prayers and worries to Him, and then we wait patiently, sometimes for what feels like an eternity. It’s natural to question why our needs aren’t met instantly when we

A dirt path through thick brush illustrates how God makes straight paths for us when we trust in Him.

Straight Paths: A Daily Meditation 

When faced with life’s tangled web of decisions, the weight of choice can often be overwhelming. Humans make a staggering amount of decisions every day. Most of them are miniscule, like what am I going to wear today? But some

Woman finds inner peace writing in her journal before bed

Discover Inner Peace: Finding Solace in the Scriptures

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows and painting the sky orange and purple, a quiet hush descends. For many, however, the approach of night brings not peace, but unease. Worries take flight, anxieties dance in the

Royalty-Free Stock Photo: A path in the mountains resembling the path to true belief.

Doubt in the Bible: Unveiling the Path to True Belief

Faith connects us to God and anchors us in times of uncertainty. However, doubt often creeps into our hearts and minds, challenging our beliefs. Let’s explore how doubt affects believers and the biblical path that leads to true belief.  The

Psalm 91 Brings Peace From Nighttime Anxiety

Night often brings out anxiety more strongly than in the light of the day. Jeanette and Kevin Levellie discovered that their kids’ anxieties could be soothed with a special lullaby that Kevin wrote for them with inspiration from Psalm 91.