Women standing before a statue of Jesus with outstretched arms

4 Worshipful Easter Devotionals

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This Easter season, we’re thrilled you’re here to share in these four worshipful Easter devotionals as we celebrate the great news of Christ’s Resurrection together. Make time this week to rediscover the joy of Easter with these guided prayers and meditations from Abide.

1. He is Risen! An Abide Meditation for Passion Week

What began as a quiet, bleak morning, quickly turned into a surprise that shook everyone—Jesus has risen! In this special Resurrection Day meditation, join us as we travel back to that day. Discover the good news, alongside Mary Magdalene, and experience the renewed peace of Christ, firsthand. From that initial shock to an overwhelming sense of joy, you’ll feel all of the emotions of that day—just as the disciples did. After resurrecting, Jesus promised us eternity in glory with him, which is the greatest news ever. Click play below to listen to this worshipful Easter devotional, and experience the joyful, healing news of Christ’s eternal promise to us.

2. Worship with a Joyful Heart

Psalm 95:2 encourages us to “make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise.” As we celebrate the good news of Easter, take time to pause and truly worship God. While we often use the words interchangeably, praise and worship are different. Praise is thanks—for many people and things, but worship is reserved for God. When we worship him, we surrender and focus our praise on God alone. In this devotional, you’ll meditate on the words of Psalm 95, remembering that we serve a great and good God, worthy of sincere praise. As you listen to the meditation below, reflect on the joy of the Resurrection, worship God—thanking him for his eternal promise to us, and settle in to his presence.

3. The Good News

It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been a Christian, how often you go to church, or how many hours you spend buried in your Bible, you should never stop preaching the gospel—to yourself. This Easter, meditate on the power of the gospel. You can always discover something new no matter how many times you’ve read the story, because the gospel is alive! Rediscover the good news and find renewed hope, as you dive into the Word of God today. Click play below to reflect on God’s promise today and for eternal life—strengthening your faith and re-experiencing the awe-inspiring joy of Easter.

4. Easter: A Passion Week Devotional

Make time during Passion Week to reflect on the entire Easter story—from Palm Sunday to today. In this Abide Meditation Guide, we’ll take you on a complete journey through Passion Week, giving you an inside look at the significant events during Jesus’ final days on earth. Meditate on the thoughts, reactions, and feelings of the people there, including Jesus himself. Beginning with the breathtaking, triumphal entry of Jesus in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and leading to his death, burial, and Resurrection just days later, you will become a participant in this story. While many of these stories aren’t easy to hear, the hope of Easter will carry you through. We hope you’ll join us in this one-of-a-kind devotional experience today. Click play below to begin the podcast. Don’t forget, if you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to hit subscribe for access to all of our meditation guides!

Again, happy Easter! May you find time to celebrate the good news, worship God, and reflect on the joy of the Resurrection today with these four worshipful Easter devotionals.

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