A white flower with orange center shines in the morning light as you pray a morning prayer for wisdom.

A Morning Prayer for Wisdom

We all make hundred of decisions every day. What to wear, what to have for breakfast, what to say—or not say—to the people we encounter. Most of those decisions are quick and don’t take a lot of wisdom (except maybe the last one!) But there are often times when we have to make big decisions that need discernment and wisdom from God. Pray with me this morning prayer for wisdom and let God be involved in your decisions today.

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding” (Proverbs 2:6, ESV).

The word "wisdom" in Scrabble letters lies on a page of an open Bible reminding us to pray a morning prayer for wisdom and rest in God's Word.

Dear God, thank you for giving me a new day. And today, I’m in need of your wisdom. There are decisions facing me that I am uncertain about. But I don’t want to get stuck thinking I have to make the perfect decision and therefore delay making any decision at all.

I know that if I’m walking with you, if I’m talking to you about everything, that you will not let my feet stumble. Help me to hear your voice. I know that you speak to me in different ways—through prayer, the Bible, the advice of others, even my circumstances. And I know that my heart is deceitful above all else. I don’t want to make these big decisions with my heart only. But I also know that sometimes the things you lead us to do not make sense in this world.

You know my dilemma, Lord. But you also know that I desire to please you. So block out all other voices so that I’m laser-focused on you.

Help me to see what I’m not seeing. If there are things I need to know before I make the decision, bring those to my attention. Help me to let go of worry, to rest in your grace. You have given me a strong mind, so help me to use all the resources available to me. Bring godly people into my life who can advise me wisely. And help me to trust that you are always by my side, whatever decisions I make.

Thank you, Father. I love you and trust you to lead me in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake.


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Whatever decisions you face today, whenever you need wisdom, remember this morning prayer for wisdom, and take the time to listen to God’s voice.

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