Enjoy some road trip fun with Zoey's Great Zoo Adventure!

Road Trip Fun for the Whole Family

Looking for some road trip fun for your family while you spend countless hours in your car? Abide presents an exciting audio Vacation Bible School: Zoey’s Great Zoo Adventure! If you want to take the show on the road, download the Abide app, set up an account, and enjoy a 5-episode adventure, with Bible-based stories and activities for kids of all ages. The best part is, you don’t have to wait for a road trip. You can enjoy this VBS anytime, anywhere! Whether you’re listening on the beach, in the car, or on the couch on a rainy day, we’re so glad you’re joining us for this one-of-a-kind VBS experience for the whole family.

Young girl in blue sunglasses and yellow shirt awaits road trip fun with mom and dad this summer.

Check out the full-length episodes below to begin your adventure. Don’t forget, after you listen to each story, be sure to visit abide.co/kids to download the activity for the episode. From interactive games to crafts, there’s something for everyone.

Episode 1: Fast and Furry

Zoey is so excited to welcome you to the zoo this morning and introduce you to the fastest land animal on earth—the cheetah! Did you know that they can run up to 70 miles per hour? Wow! Underneath the cheetah’s beautiful spotted coat, God has given him a high-performance body: an unusually powerful heart, an oversized liver, extra large and strong arteries, and huge nostrils for breathing in more air. Get excited because Zoey has a great story to tell you about one special cheetah.

Episode 2: Surrounded by Love

All herd animals know that if they want to stay safe, they have to stay together. Today, we’re going to learn from the elephants because they’re really good at this. We can learn a lot from watching a herd of them, which is why Zoey’s going to take you to see them next! Just like elephants, we need to stay together as well, so that we can help each other and keep each other safe from sin. Just like us though, sometimes the elephants can fall into trouble.

Episode 3: No Greater Love

If you thought the elephants were big, wait ’till you see the giraffes! We’re headed there with Zoey next to meet the tallest animal at the zoo. Like us, giraffes are really special. Each one has its own unique pattern of beautiful spots, unlike any other giraffe. In this story, Jasmine the Giraffe is going to tell you a scary story about a time when she was in danger, but protected her friends.

Episode 4: The Ape Escape

No monkey business now, it’s time to go see the chimps! Chimpanzees are one of the few animals on earth who make and use tools. It’s incredible! They are quite clever creatures. They also look out for each other, just like Jesus does for us. You’re going to meet Belle, one of the chimpanzees here at the zoo. She’s a great story teller, and she has an incredible lesson to share with all of you.

Episode 5: Snoring Mr. Sloth

Our adventure is almost over, but we still have one rather fun animal to meet this morning – the sloth! Sloths are a little silly, but also incredibly strong. God even designed their bodies so they can fall out of a tree and not get hurt. Like many sloths, Sylvester is very, very lazy. He just wants to sleep all day, even though his friends want to play! Today, we’re going to wake him up and see if we can can get silly Sylvester to tell us a story.

We hope this series helps you have lots of road trip fun this summer! For more children’s content, check out Abide’s complete library! There’s plenty of content for the whole family to enjoy. Get 25% off with this link.