A leaf-strewn, tree-lined path on a misty morning where one can pray a morning prayer about friendship.

A Morning Prayer About Friendship

I have a group of friends who would do anything for me. We call ourselves the Wonder Women, mostly because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, but also because together, we’re pretty amazing. Between the 7 of us, we have 26 kids and, as of July 4, 2 grandkids. One of us recently moved thousands of miles away, and it took our little village to get her family packed up, ready to sell their house, and off on their new adventure. I want to share this morning prayer about friendship with you this morning to encourage you to cultivate these kinds of relationships.

A blonde woman in white sleeveless shirt and jeans, and a black-haired woman in dark pants and green shirt sit on swings at a park as they pray a morning prayer about friendship.

Philippians 2:19-20 gives us a glimpse into the kind of friendship the Apostle Paul had with Timothy. It says, “I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, that I also may be cheered when I receive news about you. I have no one else like him, who will show genuine concern for your welfare.”

Before you pray this prayer, listen to this short devotional from Abide based on Philippians 2:19-20.

Heavenly Father,

You created people to live in community. I am grateful for the friends that I have. They support me, they admonish me, they make me a better person. Thank you for surrounding me with people I can trust.

But Lord, I know that’s not the case for some people. I know that there are those who struggle to have good friends. That makes my heart sad. Would you make them aware of your loving presence with them today? Would you bring someone into their life who can be a Timothy friend to them?

I also pray for my friends today. You know what they are going through—the health issues, the financial struggles, the job and school challenges. Help them to share them with me or another friend so that their burdens can be spread around. Remind them that they do not have to carry them alone.

And help me to be a better friend. I can tend to hide my struggles just like anyone else. Give me discernment to know who is a safe place to tell my story, and help me to be that safe place for my friend. We need each other, Lord. Help me to be transparent and authentic, loving, kind, and patient. I want to show genuine love as much as I want to be genuinely loved.

I need your help to do that. Thank you for the examples I have in Scripture of great friendships like Jonathan and David, Ruth and Naomi, and Paul and Timothy. Help me to reach out and befriend someone today who might be lonely.

It’s for your glory and in your name that I pray. Amen.

If you’re feeling lonely and friendless today, let God know about it. Spend time with him and let him bind up your heart. Pray this morning prayer about friendship whenever you’re feeling alone. Download the Abide app and listen to audio meditations, daily devotionals like the one above, and Bible-based sleep stories that will remind you of how very much God loves you. Use this link to receive 25% off a premium subscription.