Hands stretched out in prayer by a person of praise

Being a Person of Praise: A Daily Devotion 

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As humans, we often struggle with our emotions. We can be swayed by our circumstances and feelings, causing us to forget the goodness and faithfulness of God. But Psalm 100:4 holds us to higher standard:  

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!”  

Psalm 100:4, English Standard Version

This verse not only instructs us on how to approach God, but it also reveals the importance of praise in our relationship with Him. Praise is not just something that we do when we feel like it; it is a vital part of our Christian walk. 

If you find yourself never feeling like praising the Lord, that bears looking into. Our lack of desire to praise may indicate that we have become too focused on ourselves and our own problems rather than fixing our eyes on the One who holds all things together. It may also reveal a lack of understanding or appreciation for all that God has done for us. 

But even in those moments when praise does not come naturally, we must remember that God deserves our praise. As you praise Him for what He has done in the past, He will ignite a fire within you. Soon enough, your feelings will catch up. 

Praise should flow from a heart that has been transformed by the love of Christ. As we grow in intimacy with God and experience His love more deeply, praising Him will become second nature to us. Walking through the different gates and courts of the Temple would bring the Israelites closer to experiencing God’s presence. Likewise, every step we take toward praising Him brings us closer into communion with Him. 

God desires for us to draw near to Him regardless of our mood or past mistakes. He wants us to focus on what He has done for us through Jesus Christ—saving us from sin and giving us new life. And when we remember His sacrificial love, how can our hearts not be filled with thanksgiving and praise? 

Dear heavenly Father. May every thought of You during my day begin with: “Thank You!” Help me keep my praise focused on what You have done and who You are. Heighten all my senses to be always aware of Your presence around me. And if I see no other sign, let me remember to always praise You for saving me from my sin through the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. It’s in his name that I pray. Amen. 

Listen now to the short version of this Abide meditation, “Being a Person of Praise,” based on Psalm 100:4. Let God speak to your heart about praising God whether you feel like it or not.

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