A narrow alley between buildings illustrates what dealing with doubt can feel like.

Dealing with Doubt: A Daily Meditation 

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In our walk with Christ, it’s common to encounter moments when the waves of doubt seem to overwhelm our faith. Yet, in these moments, we’re reminded of a profound truth that resonates through the stories and teachings of the Bible. It’s a truth underscored in the encounter on the mountain in Galilee, where even those closest to Jesus, His disciples, found themselves wrestling with doubt and worship simultaneously.  

Matthew 28:17 captures this moment succinctly,  

“When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.” 

Matthew 28:17, English Standard Version

This Scripture gently nudges us to accept that doubt is not a sign of weakness nor a reason for shame. Instead, it’s an integral part of our faith journey, coexisting with our worship in a dance of human vulnerability. The beauty of our relationship with Jesus lies not in our unshakeable faith but in His unending grace toward us—grace that extends even in our moments of doubt. 

Jesus, fully aware of the doubts in the hearts of His disciples, didn’t turn away from them. He didn’t demand unwavering faith as a precondition for His love or His call. Instead, He invited them into a mission that would change the world, assuring them of His presence always, even to the end of the age. He extends this invitation to us, beckoning us to step beyond our doubts and lean into the certainty of His eternal companionship and authority over all creation. 

Reflect on your own spiritual posture toward Jesus. In moments of doubt, envision Jesus extending the same invitation to you, affirming His power and presence in your life. His promise is a beacon of hope, a gentle whisper that even in our uncertainty, we are called and cherished. 

In every step, every doubt, and every act of worship, remember, Jesus is with you always, to the very end of the age. 

Dear Jesus, I believe. And I’m grateful for Your unending grace and compassion toward me. Even when I doubt, Your love never fails. You always hold me in Your nail-scarred hands. Strengthen my faith and help me extend grace and companionship to my friends who are struggling with doubts too. I entrust them to You. In Your name I pray. Amen. 

Listen now to the short version of this Abide meditation, “Dealing with Doubt,” based on Matthew 28:17. Let God speak to your heart about what to do when you’re dealing with doubt.

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