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5 Biblical Promises to Heal a Broken Heart

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Getting through a heartbreak is really tough. Fortunately, as followers of Christ, we’re never alone. As you listen to these 5 biblical promises for healing a broken heart from Abide, surround yourself with God’s comforting words. While there is no perfect remedy for a broken heart, we can take comfort in the fact that we have a God who knows our pain and gives peace and purpose in return—even when it seems impossible.

1. There’s Purpose in Your Suffering

Whether you’re going through a divorce, recently broke up with your significant other, or just simply miss that person who made your heart feel whole, you are not alone in your suffering. While on this earth, Jesus suffered significantly too—all to display the great glory and love of God. As you listen to this prayer, let your grief and confusion magnify that glory, and align yourself with his suffering. In the midst of immense sadness, it’s difficult to see any purpose to what you’re going through. You’ll find real purpose and peace by looking into the face of Christ. Click play below to meditate on the words of Isaiah 53:3, “You are not alone.”

2. A Fresh Start

While you may feel hopeless, broken, or angry right now, God’s work in your life is going to be greater than you can even begin to imagine. As you listen to this Abide meditation with a biblical promise, let go of the pain of your past and ask God for a fresh start. Believe that he is making all things new—preparing you for the glory beyond your heartbreak. God goes to unexpected places, and unimaginable lengths, to make all things new. There is no heart too broken, no sadness too strong, and no hurt too deep for God’s will. Let’s pray together, inviting God to heal your broken heart, as he paves the fresh path ahead of you.

3. Healing Prayer: Valley of Loneliness

In this Abide Christian Meditation Podcast, seek God’s comfort and guidance in the midst of loneliness. If you’re feeling isolated or forgotten after a heartbreak, struggling to get out of the valley of grief, pray with us. This restorative prayer is designed to get you out of the darkness with God’s help. In the valley of loneliness, the isolation is painful and confusing, but as we pray together, find deliverance from the struggle through Christ and encouragement in God’s presence. As you grab ahold of Jesus’ hand, remember you are in this together—through every mountain, valley, and pasture of life.

4. Redeeming Your Pain

When faced with heartbreak, it often feels as if you’ve lost a piece of yourself. God reminds us to move past difficult circumstances. He asks us to give our pain to him, so he can make us new. As you listen to this prayer, put away your old self—full of doubt, fear, and pain, replacing it with the love, joy, and the peace of the Holy Spirit. Knowing that you can’t do this alone, ask for God’s wisdom, praying confidently for his healing transformation. The great news is that you don’t have to redeem your pain on your own. Click play to listen to the words of the Spirit, and begin walking with Jesus in the new life he has planned for you.

5. Embrace Your Worth

If you’re feeling worthless or empty after a break-up, click play below and rest peacefully in the knowledge that God has called you and made you worthy. Too often, we go through life trying to be someone we’re not. It’s so easy to seek the approval of others for security, especially in relationships. We fail to see ourselves as God sees us: good creations, made in his image, rescued from sin, and beloved. Let’s pray together—looking to Christ for worth and embracing his truth.

As you listen to each of these biblical promises, remember that your heart may be broken, but God’s plan for you is not. If you liked these prayers, click here to download Abide now using this 25% off code to access our complete library of more than 2000 meditations, along with prayers, step-by-step guides, and 300+ bedtime stories. You may be broken, lost, or simply hurt, but with Abide, you’ll be reminded that you’re never alone.

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