The cover of Abide's devotional book Cast Your Cares: A 40-day Journey to Find Rest for Your Soul

Cast Your Cares: A 40-Day Journey to Find Rest for Your Soul

Improve your mental health by discovering God’s promise of comfort for the most common sources of daily anxiety, including loneliness, anger, fear, relationships, and finances. Get your copy of Cast Your Cares today.

God never meant for us to feel so alone in facing our emotions. Though they often steal our peace and cause us restless nights, too often we just try to press through. In 40 days of readings from Abide, the world’s most popular Christian meditation app, you can journey through their most popular content on attaining the timeless peace found throughout Scripture, and renew your heart with God’s abiding love.

Through simply practicing slowing down to reflect on God’s Word and release one care each day, you’ll find rest for your soul and a deeper appreciation of Jesus’s parting gift to his followers: peace of mind and heart (John 14:27) in even the most trying circumstances of life.

Begin a new daily habit of self-care and experience a renewed outlook through:

  • Reflections on biblical passages
  • Engaging journal prompts
  • Explorations of common sources of anxiety
  • Suggested prayers

You don’t have to shoulder the burden of life’s worries alone. Cast your cares on God one day at a time and discover the reassurance available to all believers at any time. Get your copy of this biblical devotional from Abide today.

Download the Abide app with this 25% off link and gain access to our entire library of meditations from which these devotionals are adapted. In addition, you can listen to more than 300 sleep stories designed to help you experience the peace of God as you sleep.

Check out this snippet from the Abide meditation the book title came from.

Cast Your Cares is also available from Amazon in hardcover, audiobook, and Kindle formats. The beautiful hardcover copies make great gifts!