Make Bedtime Easier With These 4 Sleep Stories for Kids

If you struggle to get your kids to sleep at night, you’re not alone. Bedtime can be a mess for some parents. A good routine is key to helping your child get the best night sleep possible. Try adding one of these guided meditations for kids from Abide Christian Meditation to your child’s bedtime routine this week to help make bedtime easier.

Let your child choose the bedtime story they want to hear, turn down the lights, let them get cozy under the covers, and click play. Watch as your child falls asleep faster and sleeps through the night. A good night’s sleep—for everyone—is closer than you may think.

Skyship Dreamer: The Girl and the Sky

Grab the kids and climb aboard Skyship Dreamer, as you head for your dreams! As you listen, sail through God’s beautiful canvas – taking a break from the chaos of everyday life and soaking in the calm. Everyone’s always trying to get somewhere else, but up here, you can be still and listen for God. He wants us to find him, but we have to listen. Fall asleep to the story of the girl and the sky, as you’re reminded of God’s beautiful creation.

Giovanni the Giraffe

Tonight, you’re going on a bedtime safari with our most popular kids bedtime story about Giovanni the giraffe. It’s a bedtime journey like you’ve never been on before. Before you click play, get really cozy with your kids and take a deep breath together. The Bible says that every kind of animal—even reptiles and sea creatures—can be tamed by mankind. Some giraffes live in a zoo, but Giovanni lives in savannah of Africa, roaming the grasslands with his family and friends. Rest easy as you hear his story, and fall asleep with the warmth of God wrapped around—just like the giraffes do!

All Through the Night: A Lullaby

God loves his children so much that he watches us all through the night—keeping us safe. The Bible reminds us that God sent his angels to watch over us, no matter what we’re doing or where we go. As you listen with your smallest child tonight, remember that they can sleep happily, knowing that the Lord is with them. Enjoy this classic lullaby along with comforting Scripture with Katie Leigh.

God Created the Firefly

In this children’s bedtime story you’ll meet Felix the firefly—one of God’s little light’s in the sky. During the day, Felix sleeps, but at night, he shines brightly. These amazing creatures are part of God’s wonderful creation, and God made them for us to enjoy. As your children listen, they will imagine the night sky filled with sparkling, glowing, flashing fireflies, as they drift off to sleep. Oh, how wonderful is God’s creation!

Try incorporating Abide’s meditations for kids into your child’s nightly routine this week to help make bedtime easier. Consistency is key, especially when it comes to meditation and starting new routines!

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