Boy Sleeping on Bed

The Best Sleep Meditations for Kids

Among adults, meditation is rapidly gaining popularity. As we place more emphasis on the role that mental health and stress reduction play on overall wellness, that will only increase. For kids, bedtime meditation can be extremely effective too. Designed to help kids unwind before bed and fall asleep faster, these kid’s sleep meditations from Abide create a warm, safe environment that is fundamental to a great night’s sleep. Start incorporating our most popular kid’s sleep meditations into your child’s bedtime routine this week.

As your child settles into bed tonight, tuck them in with their favorite stuffed animal and click play on one of the meditations below.

1. The Littlest Lamb

As you and your children listen to this story together, be reminded of how much God loves each of his children. In this kids sleep meditation, you’ll hear from a very little lamb who took a big trip to go see baby Jesus on the night he was born. Your children will imagine what that must have been like for the young, little lamb after such a long, exhausting journey; remembering a time when they took a big trip too, just like the lamb! Thankfully, you’ll learn how the lamb got help along the way—reminding all of us that we can always lean on God for help too when things get tough.

2. Maxwell the Mouse: Farmhouse Memories

God made all of the animals—even the smallest, like Maxwell the Mouse. As they listen to this kids bedtime meditation your kids will be reminded that God made them too, just like Maxwell. Plus, he made all of us in his image, so we’re just like him. Your children will feel extra loved as they fall fast asleep to this adorable story of an odd pair of friends. At first, Maxwell was a troublemaker—tearing everything to shreds, a true menace. He didn’t like to share his big home with the new family that moved in. But one day everything changed. Listen as Maxwell meets the most unlikely of friends, creating farmhouse memories that live on forever. (Fun note: Maxwell was written for Abide’s co-founder Eric whose oldest son is named Maxwell! He loves Abide’s bedtime stories!)

3. Sophie the Sea Turtle: Ocean Voyage

In this story, join Sophie the Sea Turtle as she takes your kids on an underwater adventure to explore the awesome sea creatures that God has made. Click play below if you’re ready to go for a dive with Sophie and get ready for a one-of-a-kind underwater ocean voyage. As you listen to this kids sleep meditation with your kids, they’ll image the creatures—big and small—everywhere they look. With each breath, your child will snuggle further below the covers as they meet each of Sophie’s friends—falling asleep to the relaxing sounds of waves in the comforting arms our wonderful Creator.

4. SkyShip Dreamer: Wheels

Climb aboard Skyship Dreamer and listen to the amazing stories of Captain Thaddeus, as you launch a great adventure and dream on. As you listen to this bedtime meditation, be reminded that God sees our possibilities. God calls us to fly, just like the Skyship Dreamer! We think your kids will love this story about a boy and a girl—two best friends—who discover something life-changing about how God sees you and me. Click play below to begin your adventure on Skyship Dreamer.

5. In the Beginning

Your kids have probably heard the story of Creation many times. Whether you’ve read it together before bed or they’ve heard it during a Sunday School lesson, there’s a good chance they’re familiar with the story of the very beginning. They’ve never heard it like this though. In this Abide Bible Sleep Meditation for Kids podcast, they’ll imagine a time when there was absolutely nothing before God created such an amazing world. As we’re reminded how God takes care of us, we thank him for creating us too—exactly the way he wanted. If your kids liked this story, be sure to subscribe to our podcast for access to all of our kids content.

6. Skyship Dreamer: Mason & the Storm

If your kids enjoyed adventuring on Skyship Dreamer, then hit play—they’ll love this popular story too. If they like this series, be sure to check out all of the Skyship Dreamer content available on the Abide app. This time, we’re launching into a story about Mason—a little boy who conquered a big, scary storm with the help of Jesus. As your kids drift off to sleep, they’ll feel that same warm and gentle peace Mason felt, just like a hug. Lightning flashed all around him, thunder rumbled louder than ever, but Mason was no longer scared. Discover the calming, still presence of Jesus as you listen to this bedtime meditation.

If your kids are enjoying these bedtime stories, remember we have a library of more than 2000 full-length meditations, 300+ bedtime stories (80+ just for kids), and step-by-step guides designed to help you and your entire family live better and stress less. Download the Abide app now to access all of this content and much more. Use this link to receive 25% off a premium subscription.