A white dove floats to down in front of building as a reminder to pray a prayer for peace.

A Prayer for Peace

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As we watch conflict unfolding in the Middle East once again, our hearts break for those suffering on both sides of this strife as well as in the on-going war in Ukraine. The loss of any life is never a source of joy for the Lord. In Joshua 5:13-14, Joshua encounters what many believe is the pre-incarnate Jesus. When Joshua asks Him if He is for them or their foes, He says, “Neither. I am commander of the Lord’s Army, and I have now come.” God desires that none should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Pray with me this prayer for peace in the Middle East and Ukraine and solace for those innocents who are suffering.

A soldier's helmet sits on the ground in shadows reminding us to pray a prayer for peace.

Father God, my heart breaks for those involved in these wars in Israel and Ukraine. So much devastation and loss of life. I know it breaks Your heart as well. You are a defender of the innocent and downtrodden. I’m safe in my little western world, so I can’t imagine the fear and grief the innocent civilians are feeling right now.

I ask, Lord, that You would bring an end to these conflicts. Turn the hearts of the aggressors away from their unrighteous intents. Encounter them as you did Saul on the road to Damascus. There’s been enough loss of life, enough loss of homes and livelihoods. Bring peace, Lord, through Your Spirit.

Turn the hearts of the leaders to You. To me, that feels like an impossible task, but I know that nothing is impossible for You. And I know that You desire that none should perish, but that all would come to repentance. You care more about people’s hearts than a country’s borders. But you care about justice more than “rights.”

Your justice will be served. I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. So while we wait, bring peace. Not only to these countries torn apart by war, but to the hearts of every innocent person suffering from the decisions and actions of others.

The world needs Jesus, Father. He is the Prince of Peace. And it’s in His name that I pray. Amen.

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Stephanie Reeves is a writer and the senior editor for Abide.